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POSITION: Reserve Police Officer

DEPARTMENT: Southport Police Department

DIVISION: Patrol Division

Incumbent serves as Reserve Police Officer for the Patrol Division of the Southport Police Department, and is responsible for the enforcement of the laws of the state and protection of the city residents and their property.


Enforces local, state, and federal laws by implementing effective policy for the prevention and investigation of crimes to protect the lives and property of the people.

Regularly patrols city streets, and other designated areas, ensuring the security of residences and businesses investigates and reports all suspicious or unlawful activities, and performs necessary actions to ensure the proper enforcement of applicable laws.

Monitors radio and other communication devices and responds to citizens’ calls of distress and complaints of alleged unlawful activity, assesses and brings situation under control, takes statements from victims and witnesses, provides appropriate assistance, and ensures the lawful apprehension and arrest of criminal offenders, as required by law.

Stops drivers of vehicles for traffic violations, verifies license and registration data, effects breathalyzer/SFST test when necessary, advises driver of safe driving practices and issues warning, citation, or effects an arrest as warranted.

Pursues, apprehends, searches, and arrests suspects using only necessary force and advises suspect of rights. Prevents individuals from injuring others by using physical restraint or appropriate weapons.

Responds to and investigates traffic accidents, assesses extent of personal injuries, and calls for emergency medical assistance; calls for proper evidence technician, and takes statement from victims and witnesses.

Assists with extracting victims, providing emergency medical care, lifting individuals onto stretchers and into medical vehicles. Directs the removal of vehicles involved, and ensures area is clear.

Participates in the formal investigation of crimes by searching crime scene and following prescribed procedures to preserve and protect evidence, interviewing and taking statements from victims and witnesses, conducting neighborhood checks, and completing all necessary case reports, as required or assigned.

Responds to residential and business alarms, investigating potential unlawful activity, initiates appropriate action to properly enforce applicable laws and/or protect the lives and property of the public.

Maintains the appearance and serviceability of all issued uniforms and/or required equipment and supplies. Submits to a department wide inspection of issued equipment and supplies when scheduled.

Investigates, located and apprehends individuals with outstanding warrants and/or mental commitments and has transported to appropriate law enforcement or medical facilities.

Directs vehicular and pedestrian traffic when congestion occurs or as directed.

Prepares and submits to superiors all required reports and summaries of activities according to established department deadlines.

Attends scheduled Officer Meetings to receive scheduled training and share pertinent information regarding incidents and activities occurring within the city.

Testifies in court on criminal or civil cases, as required by order of court following established departmental policies and procedures.

Assists in performing duties of all division personnel, including, but not limited to, patrol, front desk, engagements, police escorts, events, and any other duty which may be assigned.

Occasionally may assist are emergency medical services and fire departments in the performance of their duties and operation of equipment, as assigned or directed.

Occasionally attends prescribed in-service and/or training programs for certification in specialized law enforcement areas, as assigned or required.

Performs related duties as assigned.


Each newly appointed Officer shall be required to attend the Southport Reserve Academy upon hiring unless prior training exempts the officer at the discretion of the Command Staff of Southport Police Department. Each newly appointed officer will be required to ride with a regular patrol officer for a minimum of 15 shifts, strictly as an observer. Necessary equipment and arrest powers will be issued after the above requirements are met.

Each newly appointed officer will be required to complete the Southport Police FTO program, which contains 4 phases, logged with a regular patrol officer. During this period of time, the newly appointed officer will be required to complete certain aspects of his/her training. These requirements are outlined in the Departments Rules and Regulations.

Ability to be certified by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, through an approved reserve academy, and ability to meet all department hiring and retention requirements, including not posing a threat to the health and safety of other individuals in the workplace.

Thorough knowledge of and ability to make practical application of the customary practices, procedures, rules and regulations of the department to perform standardized patrol operations and take authoritative action as needed.

Ability to obey all written and verbal orders and directives from the Chief and superior officers.

Practical knowledge of area law enforcement demands, and ability to effectively respond to various circumstances while patrolling.

Ability to deal swiftly, rationally, and decisively with potentially violent individuals in precarious situations, and to effect forceful arrest as situations demand.

Ability to physically perform the essential duties of the position, including, but not limited to, pursuing suspects by driving vehicle at high speed, running, climbing stairs, forcing entry, scaling walls and jumping fences.

Knowledge of and ability to use and properly maintain all assigned uniforms and/or department equipment and weapons; ability to legally operate department vehicles.

Ability to type and posses knowledge of word processor and department computer.

Ability to qualify annually by obtaining a passing score in the Handgun Course of Fire, as required by the standards of the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board.

Knowledge of standard practices and procedures in administering first aid and CPR. Ability to recognize the signs and symptoms of some communicable diseases and be able to protect oneself from contamination and avoiding high risk environments.

Knowledge of standard English grammar, spelling and punctuation, and effectively prepare and complete department reports within established department deadlines. Ability to maintain confidentiality of department information and reports.

Ability to effectively listen, comprehend and communicate with the public, other officials, and agencies by radio, telephone, or in person.

Ability to adapt to changing weather conditions, work environments, and irregular and/or extended hours. Ability to appropriately respond to emergencies from off-duty status as assigned or directed.


Incumbent performs a wide variety of patrol duties according to established departmental policies and police procedures, making independent decisions and taking authoritative actions in response to situational demands. Errors in decision or work may not be readily detected by periodic supervisory review and may lead to loss of self, co-workers, or public, and/or have adverse effects upon department operations and create inconvenience for members of public.


Incumbent maintains frequent contact with supervisors, offenders, and individuals detained, representatives of other law enforcement departments and agencies, victims of unlawful activities and/or accidents, and member of the public for variety of purposes, including coordination and direction of police patrol operations, public assistance, and enforcement of applicable laws.

Incumbent reports directly to Officer in Charge of the Division and/or designated officer in charge of shift.


Incumbent performs duties both in an office environment and in the field, and is frequently exposed to the normal hazards associated with enforcement of the law. No prolonged, extreme physical demands are associated with normal duties or assignments, but incumbent performs regular automobile patrols and must exert strenuous physical effort during emergency situations, such as chasing and apprehending offenders and assisting with emergency evacuation and care of vehicular accident victims.

The Southport Police Department is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in hiring or employment practices on the basis of race, sex, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, handicap as defined by law, political affiliation. Except when age, sex or physical requirement constitute a bona fide occupational qualification necessary to proper and efficient administration, or for the health, safety and welfare of the applicant and others, or as provided by law. No question on this application is intended to secure information to be used for such discrimination.

The Southport Police Department, pursuant to and in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), specifically Title I of the “ADA”, shall not discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability because of the disability in regard to job application procedures, the hiring, advancement or discharge of employees, employee compensation, job training and other terms, conditions and privileges of employment. Additionally, no qualified individual with a disability may, on the basis of disability, be subjected to discrimination in employment under any service, program or activity conducted by the Southport Police Department.